Here is our ever increasing list of features and their descriptions.

Hosting when you create an account, you are automatically given your own website. Example. Joes-lawns.lawnbeast.com. This includes a SSL certificate (which costs ~$75 a year by itself) giving your customers confidence it the sites security.
Vanity DomainsIf you have your own domain (ex: joeslawns.com) you can point them to our server and your customers won't see any Lawn Beast branding anywhere.
The Auto Pricer deserved it's own tab and is a personal favorite for it's extreme time saving ability.

You or your customer enters an their address, our system automatically searches a few different databases for property information specific to their property and then The Pricer generates a recommended price based on that information.

I would say 95% of the time The Pricer is spot on. However, clearly this can't work in all cases.

Example: Customer types in their address and it find's the property is 0.31 acres.
  • The Pricer would suggest a price of:
  • $47.56 for weekly service
  • $53.50 for every other week service
  • $59.45 for one time service

  • Customer has 10-acres but only wants 1-acre serviced. The price it spits out would be based on the 10-acres, not the 1.
  • Customer's grass is 3 feet tall.
  • Customer's house is on a 40-degree slope.
  • Acreage - If a property is over 2-acres, The Pricer will prompt the user "Your property seems large. We'd like to take a look before we give you a firm price."
  • The Pricer can factor in tall grass and will ask the customer if their grass is 7" or taller, 12" or taller or "jungle". But we both know customers lie all day long about the actual height of their lawns. I put a disclaimer in all my emails (it's in yours by default) that we reserve the right to charge more if the job was not correctly booked or deny service outright.
  • If it's $20-$30 more, I typically just do the work and adjust the job rate. If it's more than $30, I'll ask the customer if they want me to proceed or not.

You can also train the Pricer to give more accurate prices based on what you like to charge. Otherwise, it will continue with it's default settings.

Customer Portal allows your customers to login and manage their account. If you're using a custom domain, users would go to: "www.joeslawncare.com/login" and be able to access a plethora of account features.
Schedule Service
Customer can go online and schedule new service.
Request Reschedules
If a customer is having other work done and the normal day isn't ideal, they can request a reschedule.
End of Season Postpone
This is for the end of the year when customers want to end their service and resume next season.
Manage Payment Options
Add, remove, modify current payment info. FYI payment information (yours and your customer's) is stored on Stripe's servers and is 100% independant of our website. For those unfamiliar with Stripe, they process
Customer can leave notes that are specific to the property or special requests.
Credit Card processing rates are what you pay on all processed transactions. For example; if you charge your customer $100.00 and have a 3.0% + 30¢ processing rate, the money in your account available for deposit would be $96.70.

Examples based on $50 charge:
  • 3.3% + 30¢: $50 - ($1.65 + 30¢) = $48.05 available for deposit.
  • 3.0% + 30¢: $50 - ($1.50 + 30¢) = $48.20 available for deposit.
  • 2.9% + 30¢: $50 - ($1.45 + 30¢) = $48.25 available for deposit.
Beast Mode
  • The Beast Mode processing fee is based on several factors. Can vary from 2.4 to 2.9% Contact for more info.
Instant Deposits With our payment processor partner, Stripe. We have the ability to make instant deposits to your bank account. Traditional transfers take 1-3 business days. Instant deposits can typically be seen in your account within minutes of submitting the transfer request. in a matter of minutes. Final time varies bank to bank but I personally see the money in my account in 1-2 minutes after hitting the transfer.

Fees: Please be aware, there is an additional fee that Stripe charges to perform an instant deposit. And that fee is 1.75%. (We hope to negotiate this rate with Stripe and get all rates down.) Example. If you'd like to transfer $100 to your account instantly; after the 1.75% fee, your account would receive $98.25 and you would pay $1.75 in transfer fees.

White Labeling is a big one. It's when all branding, logos and domains are yours. To your customer, there is no sign of our branding. Simply point your domain name to our server and to the customer, it will appear you had a custom website built and makes you appear 100x more professional and legit. Which actually makes a big deal because professionalism conveys reliability and quality.
Crew Logins are for your field guys. They don't need access to your financials or scheduling.. they only need access to their schedule, the job details, add related job info and update the status of a job.
Staff Logins are what you or your employees login to Lawnbeast with. Staff typically have administrative roles within the company and need access to everything. Scheduling, finances etc..